Our Philosophy

Little Scholars of Lindsay is based on children’s innate desire to learn. The benefits of attending preschool go much deeper than simply better school performance: experts state that early education promotes a lifelong love of learning. Our curriculum employs a regular daily routine incorporating: theme based activities, free play, artistic work, outdoor recess, and practical tasks. In addition, we offer classes in music as it has been shown that a child’s early experience with music can help to develop language, social, emotional, and physical skills.

Our mission is to cultivate creative, confident, and happy children who are kind to themselves and others, are engaged with their communities, and approach life with optimism. We make that happen through a combination of caring and trained teachers, inviting classrooms, and stimulating learning experiences. 

Our Founder

A graduate of both McGill University and Western University, and actively completing her Masters of Education from the University of Ottawa and ECE diploma from Durham College, Sarah Stone is an avid believer in the educational process and the necessity for lifelong learning. A firm advocate for the role of community in development, Sarah has volunteered her time in numerous projects over the years. 

Through her experiences as a local voice teacher and operating Lindsay’s “Performing Arts Camp” for the past five years, Sarah has found her calling. Combining her love for children and passion to teach, she created Lindsay Little Scholars, a setting that celebrates and respects each child’s unique gifts and learning styles. She is dedicated to sharing her experience and knowledge about the benefits of a preschool education with parents and caregivers in her community.